Yearbook Smile Challenge

Strawberry Singh has started up her weekly memes again and thought this was a great one to do.  Makes you reminisce about them there olden days.  I'm a child of the 60-70' was a time when life was easy/carefree.  A great tunic and natural stone/beaded jewelry were and still are my loves.  Back then for girls the hairstyles were funky!  We were at the mercy of our mother's bad taste in styling.  I remember when my mother would do some goofy hairstyle....I would piss her off by not wearing my glasses and smile while she was yelling at me when the pictures came in. lol  I was a rotten child.

I remember my senior year the ugly backgrounds we had...the choice of colors, landscapes & gold foil personalization and all the pics had rounded edges without borders...voila my Yearbook Smile Challenge pic....a combo of what I recall from some 33 years ago. ;)

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge

Gato - Dali Dress
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Bali Gypsy
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Truth Hair - Zoella
Blacklace Beauty - Eyeliner 1
PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0
I used the animare hud for the pose and anypose hud for the smile.


  1. ack...forgot to link back to Strawberry Singh....there are some other great posts you will enjoy seeing.

  2. Such a beautiful smile, love your hair too! Thanks for participating. <3


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