I'm so excited....the Belleza full mesh body will be released soon.  I love the ease of use and it will come with other goodies.  The package will include:

  • 2 versions of Venus - one with Belleza hands and feet (shown) and one compatible with Slink hands and feet. 
  • Lingerie - black, nude (shown) & white
  • Shoes - 2 pairs in black & white (shown)
  • Full Mesh Body HUD - options noted below
Belleza - Venus Mesh Body
Azoury - Bouquet of Flowers *THE SECRET AFFAIR*
LoQ'ue - Tequila

Other credits:
Belleza - Ava Sk 3
Belleza - Ava SK Matte Lips 9
Glitterati Pose - Wild 7
HUD Features
Skin tab:
  • 7 Belleza skin tones to match all previous Belleza releases
  • 16 skin tone presets to use with numerous other skins on the market
  • 8 slots to save skin appliers (you will be able to save them in the hud as other creators release them)
  • On/Off switches for your 3 mesh layers - tattoos, underwear & clothing layers
Alpha tab:
  • Toggle off areas of the body - neck, nipples arms, etc. or you can directly select areas of the body that you want to show/hide.
Breast tab:
  • Natural & Cleavage push up options
  • 7 Nipple textures
Hands tab:
  • 16 different hand poses with ability to change right and left hands separately.
  • 3 nail lengths
  • 20 nail polish options
Feet tab:
  • 3 different feet heights
  • Just Design feet option
  • 20 nail polish options