Summer Days

Another month brings many new home items....

  • A new round of The Challenge with the August theme being Vintage/Retro which runs until August 30. Reminder that creators discount these items for the first to second week.
  • Designer Warehouse has some fun summer items and rotation ends August 7.
  • This is just a hint of the many new summer items Circa has and I hope to get to more in the coming week.

CIRCA - Seaward Beach Dock Medium Wood
[18 animations for male & female positions (2 spots to sit)]
CIRCA - Seaward Female Pool Floatie Skye
[3 animations/slow spin. other colors & male version also available]

Finishing Touches - Happy Slice of Life Collection *DESIGNER WAREHOUSE*
[4 different packs available to this set...lots of cute watermelon goodness]
Sway's - Walter Park Bench Light *THE CHALLENGE-VINTAGE/RETRO*
[8 single, 10 friend & 7 couple animations.  Also available w/ 20 single animations. includes 3 natural wood tones.  Also available in 3 color pack]
CIRCA - Epicure Summer Popsicle Bucket Orange
[popsicle dispenser \o/]

Lovers Playground - Mesh Patio Set *DESIGNER WAREHOUSE*
[tons of options with this set...single table that rezzes all objects...chairs, decor and a variety of meals]

Other credits:
Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse Warm
Heart Gardens - Ox Eye Daisies - Leafy Bush - Large
Heart Gardens - Rocks/Boulders Volcanic
Heart Gardens - Oak Wild Tall Summer
Persnickity - Black Eyed Susans
Persnickity - Pink Flower Patch
Organica - Hanging Ivy 1