Dinner and a Dance

Dinner and a Dance
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Munereia - Furred&Frilled - Skirt RARE
Munereia - Furred&Frilled - Draconia NORMAL
Aurica Store - Fenix Pauldron Black L
Frogstar - Marauder's Arm Wrap #14 RARE
ieQED - Skuld.Cage Flat.Black RARE
22769 bauwerk - The Feast
Collage - Whimsy Brazier Cast Iron/Red
Munereia - Furred&Frilled
._Aurica Store_.  ITEM 2
Frogstar - Marauder's Trinkets (Bracelets) Gacha Poster
ieQED Skuld Flat Gacha Key
22769~ [bauwerk] The Feast [ad]
Collage - Firelight Fantasy Gacha

Other credits:
Emotions Hair - Shania
Slink - Mesh Feet Av Enhance Flat
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture Left/Splayed Right
Belleza - Ava Sk 0
Kismet - Azure Tapestry Gold
Kismet - Tabriz Rug - Cinnamon
Del May Poses - Paper Plane