Light My Fire

Azoury - Stark Boots Brown
[available in black & brown]
Azoury - Necklace Sansa Wood Ultra Rare
[gacha item 4 common, 1 rare & 1 ultra rare]
Aphorism - Green Leather Bralette
Aphorism - Green Leather Skirt
[6 common & 3 rare each bralette & skirt]

Identity - Orocum Profecy I Faded Shirt
[note: the design goes below the breast but the pose I used folded it can see it the full top on flickr here.]
Identity - Orocum Profecy II Faded Pants Right
Identity - BodyShop Orocum Face Painting

Tram - D314 Hair Classic Black

Other credits:
Pucca Firecaster's Creations Elven Quiver Brown Rare
Belleza- Ava Sk 0
Slouch - Pose 191