Golden Era

The styling may not be of Hollywood's Golden Era but as I was styling my thoughts were on Shirley Temple who died yesterday.  She was a huge part of my childhood and the seed to my passion for the arts.  I found this theater in SL with a poster on it that I replaced with a Shirley Temple movie poster.  I imagine her soldiering on in the after life...she was an amazing child that grew into an extraordinary woman.  So this is my little ode to Shirley's golden era. :)

Zibska+FGC Anc

Zibska - Desiree Gold *LOVE IS IN THE AIR-Opens Feb 13*
[I modified the hat.  click vendor pic below to see full size at Zibkas flickr]
Desiree display
{anc} - Lapin.Wear Goggle Gold  RARE *FANTASY GACHA CARNIVAL*
[click on pic to see at flickr]
{anc} _lapin.wear_chart.1_1
Ingenue - Tau Ceti Boots Gold *COLLABOR88*

Other credits:
Zibska - Laudine Collar & Earrings
Boom - Lip Jelly Chocolate 1
Nuuna - Warp Yellow
Shi Hair - Blown Royalty 1 [modified & tinted]
Slouch - Pose20