The Challenge - Tudor

"The Challenge" is a new monthly themed event for builders. At the beginning of each month a new theme will be announced and participating builders make an item inspired on the theme.  This new item will be released the last day of each month.  Some stores may offer these items at a discount for the first week of release.  Please check The Challenge Blog for complete information. I believe they are still taking builder applications if you'd like to join.

The Challenge collage1
22769 - [bauwerk] The Tudor Room Skybox
[Nice deep rich tones in walls and wood.  2 rooms, fireplace on/off, optional chandelier with candles on/off]
22769 - [bauwerk] Tudor Bench
[5 single & 2 couple animations]
L&K Prefabs - Morning Wood (PG) Bed
[single & couple animations]
End of Daze - Chaise
[available in 3 colors/patterns. single & couple animations]

The Challenge collage2
Michigan's Shack - Tudor Manor v2
[a fantastic mesh build.  6 rooms on bottom floor (bottom left is entry & looks through to back room/door) and 5 rooms on top floor (bottom right). 30x30 footprint]