The Zodiac Capricorn rotation ends tomorrow, Jan 14.  Here is a bit more of what you will find... sexiness from head to toe. More notes below...

Adore & Abhor - Capricorn Nice [mesh gown.  Also a naughty version that shows the nipples a bit.]
Bilo - Esha Capricorn [also includes cleavage version]
Virtual/Insanity - Enki Horns [includes color change hud for horns & gems. 2 styles of horns available.]

Other credits: *please see slurl pages above*
Zibska - Ouida Collar [color change/8 colors - past POE hunt]
Elikatira - Sound Brown 10
Boom - Bold wrist cuff  Titanium *Collabor88*
gloves are an inventory find.