Azoury Lamia & Babel

Azoury recently released Lamia...a wonderful mini and boot which are a great mix of color/texture with a soft supple feel. I really love the bow and bolero on this outfit it cute yet sophisticated. The boot has a really cool silver metal heel that resemble spokes.

Lamia separates are available in the following colors:
Dress: blue/red, blue/orange, black/green and black/blue
Tights: plum, green, yellow, pink
Boots: black/green, black/blue, black/fuchsia, black/yellow, black/brown, black/orange and black/red
Azoury Lamia

Azoury - La Tenue Lamia
Azoury - Le Sac A Main Clutch Babel Cuir Noir Et Bleu
LaGyo - Zarema Gloves Cornsilk
Callie Cline - Red Diamond
Vanity Hair - Morea Soil
Elysion Optic - Vairocana  Alfa Sunglasses Red

Babel is a future release (March 24) and my initial reaction was "Wow!".  The Jacket is amazing...  absolutely love the ruffled cuffs and shoulder pieces...not to mention the amazing color with contrasting black collar.  Also LOVE the shoes..they have a scorpion heel...too cool!

Babel seperates are available in the following colors:
Jacket: brown, blue, yellow, red, purple and green
Skirt: blue, brown, black, green, teal, orange, red, purple
Tights: black, green, red, blue, orange, purple, tan, yello
Shoes:  fucshia, brown, red, blue, green, black
Azoury Babel

Azoury - La Jupe Babel Noire
Azoury - La Veste Babel Jaune
Azoury - Le Collant Babel Noir  Et Jaune
Azoury - Les Bottines Babel Noire
Azoury - Le Sac A Main Clutch Babel Cuir Jaune
Leezu - Nif Nif Gloves Black
LoQ - Hair Marsmallow Chocolate Copper
Lode - Hat Toi Yellow
LaGyo - Jacek earrings
Paper Couture - Polished Stones Ring Aqua