Zombie Popcorn Hunt

I LOVE hunts and the more unusual the items the more fun they are.  The Zombie Popcorn Hunt is one of my favs and just gets better and better.  Amazing skins, eyes, tattoos and of course the clothing items.  Following are a few that I put together...hope you like them. :)

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2
Weird Designs Lucinda Skin Forsaken [I didn't add anything to this skin...its just this amazing]
N-Creation Vampire Silver eyes
Zigana Little Halloween Home [cute poem on second floor wall of this house]

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2

Faster Pussycat The Raven Dress
Lemons & Cream ZombiePopcorn 5 Vanitas Wall Chair [comes with everything here except the pic over my head]
Zigana Little Halloween Home [living room area pictured here]

Items not in hunt:
Plume - Express Yourself Collection - Style 2 - Pink
LEO-NT My Birdie Ring
BAX Ankle Boot

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 3

Razorblade Jacket Bloody Blindfold Eye Wound Tattoo w/ Shadow
ZombiePopcorn Filthy Skin
ID Hellcat Eyes
Delusions Cursed Vanity 04 [tattoo cracks/set of 4 different designs included]
HoD Reformed Mouthpiece
Ragdoll's cut Rotten Little Bunny [love that my bunny friend has the same eye missing and it glows :)]

Brains anyone?!  She's huntin' for brains...yum!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt 3
C'est la vie ! Tule dress(cream)
Reckless Death is certain Life is not Tattoo Sleeves [comes in clothing layers]
Ducknipple Bomb Skully top & fishnet stockings (top is tinted)
Indigo Oddities Claret Knife
Bubble Brains For the Ride Bag [awesome bag]
Death Row Designs Nazi Combat Boot [part of a male & female complete avi & outfit]

Item not in hunt:
Boon Hair MLN447 Red

aaaaaaaaa-hunting we will go...a-hunting we will go! A great Zombie hunting outfit...little does she know she's one too...lol!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt 1
Arnadi - Short Tshirt Zombie Popcorn 5
ID Zombie Eyes [4 different sets of eyes]
REPULSE  Zombie Stomach Wound Tattoo
Delusions Cursed Vanity 03 [these are the cracks tattoo on my face...set of 4 different tattoos]
Beauty Killer Electra Skin - Zombified - Bloody [skin has a greenish cast that is not visible here]
MADesigns Taisto Hair Red [ male & female style included...wearing the male here ]
ODB Zombie Tongue *Extra*
LEO-NT Bloody Skull Belt
Concrete Flowers - Creepy Crawlies Glasses [has animated spiders...love them]
ZombiePopcorn-Hunt Prize [shoulder pet comes in hunt group gift and voodoo doll is animated...dives in and out of the popcorn bag]

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 1
NV Rebel Coat Blood
Gawk! Red Low Waist Jeans (Grungy)
Epic Bloody Voodoo Backpack
VC Designs Purrfect Kitty Slipper Black/Blue
Magnifique - Zombie Killing Shovel [comes with 3 person group pose...other 2 poses have baseball bat and chain prop]
Zigana Little Halloween Home [front of the house is decorated with pumpkins, lanterns and the windows glow...I added more pumpkins that are not included in the hunt]

There are many other very cool items in this hunt and will try to bring you more.